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This Forums philosophy - all you need to know about the Homemade Life.

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default This Forums philosophy - all you need to know about the Homemade Life.

Post by Adrian on 17th November 2009, 2:29 pm

This forum is aimed at providing a connecting point for like minded people who wish to live a Green, Ethical and earth centred life. We believe that there can never be a "right" or "wrong" way to be green, there can only ever be the way that you, as an individual, as a family and as a community choose to live.

Voluntary Simplicity is the founding principle for the website and forum.
To live more simply involves working less, wanting less, and spending less.

But voluntary simplicity is not about doing without. In fact it's just the opposite, it's about having enough. Enough intimacy with others and with nature, enough sense of purpose and fulfilling work, enough fun and joy.

Voluntary simplicity is about living life to its fullest, about experiencing life as a whole human being. It's also about caring for our beautiful earth and the people throughout the world who truly do not have enough.

To that end, we encourage people of all (so-called) shades of green to share their experiences and discoveries on their own ethical/green life journey.

This can be chat, recipes, crafts, growing and so much, much more, be proud of what you achieve, share your failures and triumphs, no matter how much and how little you do, and if you want to, show us what you can do. We love photographs.

Above all we want you to enjoy making new connections, being part of a community, even one online, is a wonderful thing and we hope you enjoy your stay here.

Bright Blessings to you all

Adrian (Badger)
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default Re: This Forums philosophy - all you need to know about the Homemade Life.

Post by Chilli-head on 14th December 2014, 10:32 am

So what is a Homemade life ? Is it about a way of living that is homemade, a life lived according to your own rules and choices ?  Or is it about a life embracing homemade items; that of the craftsman or artisan ?
It is either, and both.  It is about self reliance. It is about escaping the cycle of consumption and waste that drives so much of the world's society, whilst steadily converting the planet's resources into landfill.  It is about recognising the difference between our needs and "wants", and satisfying more of our needs for ourselves, whilst contenting ourselves with less. About taking pleasure that the items we have - whether it be the food brought to the table, the utensils or even the table itself - were made with care and  pride by a craftsman, or most satisfying of all of all, by our own hand using skills we have learned.                                                      

Not only is the homemade life kinder to the planet by consuming less, but those skills learned along the way will surely leave us better prepared for whatever challenges our changing environment has ahead.
Now few people can be truly self sufficent, and not many would really choose to live outside of normal society.  But every little helps.  So whether the homemade part of your life is about the food you grow and cook, the clothes you make for yourself, the treen you craft, or the beer you brew, please find time to share it here !

- Tony (aka Chilli-head)

Oh, one last thing.   This forum is made by you, its members. Without your articles,  pictures, recipes,  tales of success and disaster,  it cannot be.  So if you like what you see here,  do please contribute.   And if there doesn't seem to be anywhere quite right for what you do, get in touch and maybe I can clear a space for you !
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