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Anyone still gardening in December ?

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default Anyone still gardening in December ?

Post by Chilli-head 1st December 2020, 12:18 pm

I am a bit limited in what I can do.  And the motivation to do it !  Mrs C-H went to the lotty for vegetables yesterday, and returned looking wet, muddy and not a little miserable Crying or Very sad But she brought back the remains of the carrots, beetroot, and some leeks.

But it is a muddy mess. Too wet for it to be beneficial to venture on to the plot really.  But that is on our Bedfordshire clay soil, maybe you have better circumstances ?

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default Re: Anyone still gardening in December ?

Post by freebird 1st December 2020, 2:46 pm

I have some plant moving to do that I didn't manage to complete in November, and quite a bit of clearing on part of the allotment I didn't get to over the season - just need to wait for some suitable weather.

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default Re: Anyone still gardening in December ?

Post by Ploshkin 3rd December 2020, 9:29 am

Welsh clay is very mushy now too. I always say it can go from dustbowl to quagmire in a week.
I've just about cleared everything from outside now, there are a couple of beetroots to pull and some brassica bits forvthe chickens. That's it until the spring.
I have carrots, sweet peppers, a few beetroots and parsley left in the tunnel but the rest of the beds are cleared now. If I'm organised I might get some broad bean seeds in in January.
I opened the top of the fruit cage yesterday and took the netting off the brassica cage - last year I forgot. We only had one brief dollop of snow but it was enough to collapse the brassica cage.
I left the netting on the big fruit cage. I tied weights to 2 opposite sides, unhooked it all, slid it all along to the centre strut and tied it there. I hope it will just slide back easily in the spring.

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default Re: Anyone still gardening in December ?

Post by Dandelion 3rd December 2020, 9:53 pm

Our garden is very muddy too, I'm sure it's not normally this bad so early in the winter. I'm not really doing much to the raised beds or the flowerbeds, it's more the state of the 'lawn' when I venture down to the end of the garden to see the hens. It really is hazardous and I have to walk very slowly to avoid slipping over. The fence which divides the hens' bit from ours is electric fencing (without the electricity!) and has a 'gate' which has a metal pole which pushes into the grass to close it - you know it's muddy when you pull the pole out and it makes sucking noises!! I normally love being outside, but it's been so damp, cold and drear for the past week that I've stayed in if possible.

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default Re: Anyone still gardening in December ?

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