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The June garden thread Hca_button

The June garden thread

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The June garden thread Empty The June garden thread

Post by Chilli-head 3rd June 2022, 1:33 pm

A long public holiday weekend, I'm sure offers welcome catch up time in the garden; what have you been doing ?

I ckeared, forked over, and dug in compost to the last unkempt area of the allotment for more carrots and to plant out the leeks. This morning I sowed my kale and PSB. Mostly a matter of crossing fingers and keeping on top of the weeds now.

Oh, and after midsummer there are the late lettuce, oriental greens and florence fennel to sow, hopefully in space left by the broad beans and garlic - which is pretty much ready, rather early but welcome.
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The June garden thread Empty Re: The June garden thread

Post by freebird 4th June 2022, 3:17 pm

Without wishing to sound like a killjoy, long public holidays are pretty irrelevant when one is retired!

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The June garden thread Empty Re: The June garden thread

Post by Ploshkin 4th June 2022, 4:24 pm

Ive just had a big re sowing session of all the things that failed to germinate ( or did but got eaten) outside.
The constant cold nights are holding everything back. I don't think we've had one yet with a minimum higher than 7°. In the last fortnight it has been down to 3° three times.
At least I don't have last year's problems caused by ridiculously hot weather too early!

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The June garden thread Empty Re: The June garden thread

Post by Dandelion 25th June 2022, 9:55 pm

The bottom of our garden has become a bit overgrown and weedy, mainly because I've had to keep the hens off it, as there's a big tree with jackdaws in. I'm wary of bird flu being spread via the birds' droppings, but I think they are also introducing new weeds in their droppings. I have some lovely patches of wheat and barley growing (I'm going to let it grow, ripen it and use it in the house as a decoration), all kinds of random thistles, and a weed I didn't at first recognise. It flowered yesterday, and turned out to be a datura. It's now on the compost heap - not sure if it's poisonous for hens, but it's certainly not good for humans!
Once all the restrictions have been lifted and I can let the hens wander where they like, I'm sure the weeds will be more under control, but I will have to take action against the bindweed (which has only appeared in the last couple of years). I may use the cardboard and mulch technique next winter/spring.

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The June garden thread Empty Re: The June garden thread

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