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Some thoughts on resilience Hca_button

Some thoughts on resilience

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Some thoughts on resilience Empty Some thoughts on resilience

Post by Chilli-head 5th March 2022, 6:26 pm

It has long struck me that our globalised, complex, interdependent society is a bit fragile.  Current events certainly are testing that.

It seems to me we need to unwind some of the globalisation, and adopt a hierarchy of self-reliance, as a nation, as a community, as a family, as an individual.

So as a nation we need to reduce our reliance in imported energy - topically Russian gas. As it only makes up 5% of our supply, if we can all save just 5%, that could be zero.  Imported food - we should be supporting domestic production.  Even if that means going steady on "re-wilding" projects.

We should be shopping locally, and the crazy centralised distribution networks of the supermarkets needs a re-think.

We should be growing our own,  looking at what we have around us before buying imported goods.

We should try to make ourselves practically capable.  To be able to make things, fix things, improvise, etc.

Mostly beneficial for the environment, and more resilient to and isolated from the effect of external crises.  So where do we start ...?
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Some thoughts on resilience Empty Re: Some thoughts on resilience

Post by Dandelion 6th March 2022, 8:05 pm

That's all so true. My feeling is that we need to start with one step, get used to it, then add another step to avoid being overwhelmed. I think which step you take first depends on your circumstances including your location. For instance, we are eating less meat now, and what we buy we get from a local supplier who deals with local farmers. But that's easy for us as we're in a rural town, and might be much more difficult in a city.

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Some thoughts on resilience Empty Re: Some thoughts on resilience

Post by Ploshkin 12th March 2022, 2:23 pm

Hear, hear Chilli Head.  I have long said this.  Our decision to install a wood burning heating system 10 years ago was a conscious one for that very reason.  We are, of course, fortunate to be in a position to do that.
I also agree on cutting back on the rewilding etc to try and be more self sufficient in food.  Here, in Wales, the government are currently obsessed with tree planting and as farms come up for sale they are snapped up by big companies who then access Welsh Government grants to plant trees in order to offset their carbon emissions ( rather than doing anything about their emissions).  I like trees and we planted 5 acres ourselves on a boggy bit of ground that couldn't be used for anything else but many good, productive farms are being lost under trees because the big companies are competing for the land and farmers don't get a look in.  I believe that an acre of good grass captures more carbon than an acre of trees.
Where do we start?  I don't know but people are going to have to accept that food and goods have been too cheap for too long which I think has created a very wasteful society.   I've often said that a political party should stand with a manifesto that just says ' Cut out Waste' - waste of resources, waste of time, waste of money, waste of energy, waste of skills and waste of many more things and that would solve a good many of the problems faced by society

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Some thoughts on resilience Empty Re: Some thoughts on resilience

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