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default To-Do Book

Post by freebird on 26th May 2020, 10:53 pm

The man has a terrible memory, and even if he writes things down, he loses the bit of paper. So I have made him a To-Do book.

It is a soft leather binding, lined with a Japanese tissue inside. The pages are whatever coloured papers I could lay my hands on, but all were plain, so I made up a spreadsheet template to print them all with lines. The pages are made up into sections of different colours (so, for example, the blue section can be for his garage stuff, yellow for boat stuff etc) and each section sewn individually through the leather at the spine of the cover. It is finished with a leather strap, which will also hold a pen or pencil and press

To-Do Book 20200516

To-Do Book 20200513

To-Do Book 20200514

To-Do Book 20200515

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default Re: To-Do Book

Post by FloBear on 27th May 2020, 11:59 am

What a lovely idea, freebird, and beautifully made. Woe betide him if he loses that, eh?

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default Re: To-Do Book

Post by Chilli-head on 27th May 2020, 2:47 pm

Are you going to pre-fill it for him Wink

Looks smart. I need "to do" lists. I then adjust the priorities every now again, and anything that's been on the list for months obviously doesn't really need doing at all and can be discarded. I don't yet need a whole book of lists - he must be a very busy guy, or at least very orderly !
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default Re: To-Do Book

Post by Ploshkin on 27th May 2020, 7:56 pm

Gosh, thats lovely Freebird, I'm sure it will be much used - he wouldnt dare not! I cant believe you printed all those lined pages.

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default Re: To-Do Book

Post by freebird on 27th May 2020, 9:28 pm

It's not really a book of lists, CH, and orderly or organised he ain't! It's just somewhere he can write things he doesn't want to forget. He does write things on bits of paper, then loses the paper or forgets he even did it.

Tbh, I've no idea if he will use it, but I hoped that by having some thing tactile and beautiful, that is a pleasure to handle, he may actually derive some pleasure in using it.

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default Re: To-Do Book

Post by Dandelion on 27th May 2020, 11:19 pm

It's a beautiful thing FB! I do have lists myself, but they're on the backs of old documents kept on a clipboard, functional but not beautiful. But I can really see the point in having a book for all those things you don't want to forget - how many tiles you used in the kitchen, your National Insurance number, and inspiring quotations to name a few.

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default Re: To-Do Book

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